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Oriental Garden has a host of amenities and facilities right within the community which include waterpark features, clubhouse features, and other amenities.

Waterpark Features

You don’t have to be aquatic to enjoy the beauty of the water features in this place. There are several facilities targeted at all members of the society from children to the seniors.

Kiddie Pool – You can enjoy quality time with your children as they learn how to swim. These pools are customized with shallow bottoms for the safety of the kids.

Adult Swimming Pools – You can have cool refreshing drinks while part of you is submerged in water. The pools here are wider enough to accommodate the entire community without push and shove.

Wading Pool – Your children can play their favorite games in this vast water facility. It is an opportune time to bond with others and create meaningful friendships.

Jacuzzi – If you want a hydrotherapy complete with warm water that relaxes you and sucks away fatigue and pain, a jacuzzi is just what you need. The buoyance, warmth, and massage will help you eliminate any traces of stress and improve your sleeping habits.

Clubhouse Features

There is a well-developed clubhouse with facilities such as:

Gym – Are you tired of shelling out exorbitant membership fees just to belong to a gym? Well, Oriental Garden has you covered. The gym facility is well-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for a healthy daily grind.

Function Room – This is spacious enough to cater for huge family gatherings or even community meetings. You don’t have to wonder where you will hold your next meeting.

Gamer Room – This is a special space where you chill out with your friends as you play pool and board games. You don’t have to always meet in the bar, you can make new friends right here.

Other Amenities

Apart from the above facilities, there are other amenities you are poised to enjoy once you become a member of this vibrant condominium community.

Daycare Center – This is specifically designed in an environment where your kids have fun and learn simultaneously. You don’t have to drag your kids everywhere you go, you can leave them here as you enjoy your “me time”.

Children Play Area – This is an outdoor facility Federal Land designed to accommodate the active lifestyle of children. There are lots of recreational sites within this area where your kids can make friends and explore their creativity.

Landscaped Gardens – You can take an afternoon stroll with your kids as you explore this lush-green gardens that are impeccably manicured. The peace and serenity here is second to none.

Asian-Inspired Gazebos – What better places to relax or have a bite with your family and friends than in these creatively-designed structures. It is simply an extension of luxury and class.  

The Koi Pond – There is a unique feel of life from another angle as you interact with Koi fish in these little ponds. Apart from adding value to your property, Koi ponds are attractive features that stretch the creativity of your kids and bring relaxation to the entire family.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Chideren's Wading Pool
  • Daucare Center
  • Gym
  • Function Room
  • Asian Inspired Gazebos
  • Landscapesd Garden
  • Jacuzzi
  • Koi Pond
  • Outdoor Children's Play Area
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