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Oriental Garden

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Project Location: Corner Don Chino Roces Avenue and Export Bank Drive
Turnover Date: Preselling
Unit Sizes: 29.5 sqm. to 84.5 sqm
Price Range: Php 7.3 M to Php 7.8 M


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Oriental Garden- The Nexus of Luxury and Convenience

Oriental Garden is an excellent residential investment targeted at young professionals who have to juggle between the busy life of Makati and concentrate on starting families in a serene environment. Getting such a combination of proximity, convenience, and quality is rare, but Oriental Garden has made it possible. By design, the condominium development consists of 3 high rise towers; Lilac, Lotus, And Orchid. Each of these towers comprise 32 stories with condo units considered the finest in town. There is also a commercial complex at the ground level which adds onto the luxury and convenience of Oriental Garden.

Overview of Oriental Garden

Every person wants to raise a family in a convenient location that blends in luxury to give you an environment whose memories you will relish forever. This is what Federal Land, Inc., had in mind when they acquired, designed, and developed Oriental Garden. By the mere fact that this real estate company has been in the industry for over 4 decades now, you can vouch for its competence, experience, and expertise.

The accessibility of Oriental Garden is exceptional. It is located along the busy Don Chino Roces Avenue on one side and Export Bank Drive on the other side within Makati City. This location is not just strategic for accessibility purposes, but it is also closer to the amenities such as the Makati Medical Center which is just a 100-meters away from the development and the Indonesian Embassy and Italian Embassy which are just a few blocks away.

Key Highlights of Oriental Garden

If you have a young family, this location may be particularly suitable for you because there are schools and other education facilities around here. For instance, the former Mapua Institute of Technology currently Mapua University which is a research oriented and non-sectarian Filipino university has a campus located right in Makati.  The closeness to the financial district of Makati means so many employment and business opportunities for residents here. You don’t have to travel for long distances to get to your office or place of work.

If you thought that Oriental Garden is an isolated area, you need to pay a visit or check it out on the map because close to it is the vibrant Ayala Triangle Gardens which is a 2-hectare urban park always filled with people relaxing with their families and catching up with their loved ones. From The Fort central business district in Taguig City to Oriental Garden, is approximately a 30-minutes ride.

With all these conveniences, you may think that the condo units are highly priced and inaccessible to middle income earners. The reality is the units are fairly priced making them more affordable relative to other communities around the city. This development stands out and worth your consideration as a potential investment or a place to call home.

The attractiveness of this development is not just from the surroundings, within the community itself, there is a lot in terms of amenities for you to sample. In fact, Federal Land has catered even for the discriminating taste of investors who may not be decided as yet. The environment is convincing and assuring. The unique part with this development is that you have not just one and two-bedroom units, but a variety of floor areas under each category. For instance, the one-bedroom units come with floor areas ranging from 26 to 31 square meters. This means you could go for the 26, 28, 28.5, or the larger one-bedroom units which measure 31 square meters. The two-bedroom units on the other hand have floor areas from 50.55 to 55.5 square meters. This gives you a wide range of choice and a flexible budget to work with.

Apart from the floor areas and the unit sizes, the project has several other amenities which are impressive and supplement an active lifestyle. As mentioned earlier, there is a commercial arcade targeted at shopaholics and those who just love sampling new arrivals and updated models of consumer items. At the site, there is a jacuzzi, wading pool, adult and kiddie pools, all of which give you a reason to interact with your family as you play together and teach them how to swim. For the fitness loving residents, there is a fully equipped gym for you to stretch and flex without the need to step out of the gates or subscribe to expensive gyms somewhere else.

The landscaped gardens and the outdoor play area are relaxing in their own right. Living in such an environment where the air is fresh and natural light brightening the spaces is helpful because it shields you from the toxic and at times polluted spaces around cities.

Federal Land Oriental Garden in Makati City, Philippines is a premier Condo project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Oriental Garden, then check here first. We have full details of Oriental Garden updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Oriental Garden - Location & Vicinity

Oriental Garden Makati community is strategically located at the corner of Don Chino Roces Avenue and Export Bank Drive. The Makati Central Business District is just a stone's throw away with major transaction areas such as Gil Puyat Avenue and Ayala Avenue.

Oriental Garden Makati community is a residential haven ideal for urbanites who have the feel for the finest in shopping, dining and entertainment and who can't live without the vibrant social scene that embodies the modern Filipino lifestyle. It is easily accessible at all times to public transportation and is only minutes away from commercial centers, educational institutions and medical facilities.

Developments located at road junctions benefit from accessibility and convenience even for people who use public transport. The Oriental Garden is at the corner of Export Bank Drive and Don Chino Roces Avenue. What this means is that you can access the property from either side. The South Superhighway lines the other side which you can use to connect to Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue and then to Chino Roces Avenue to access the property. The closeness to the central business district in Makati means so much for families that work or have businesses around the city.  

If you consider yourself an urbanite who values shopping, entertainment, dining, and all the nuances that come with life on the fast lane, this is a community that gives you all in one package. To give you a picture of the kind of amenities around this area, below is a brief highlight.


Who wants to live in an area where there are no eat out joints? The location of Oriental Garden is strategic in the sense that you get to choose the kind of restaurants you want to go to because they are quite a number. Some of the tops ones include:

Ladera Catering Services – This is a fine food establishment particularly famous for weddings. They are highly prelesional caterers that you could even contact for family or community events. It is located just 90 meters away.

Delimondo – This is a prime restaurant located at the corner of Chino Roces Avenue and Urban Avenue in Makati City. It is known for its luncheon meat and corned beef. If you love tinned goodness, this is a café worth visiting. It’s about 100 meters from Oriental Garden.
Goto King – This is located in Ayala Center and offers a variety of foods always served hot and delicious. This is 130 meters from the condominums.

Other restaurants include Shelbys and After Shift which are slightly less than 200 meters away.


Life in Makati is not complete without the mall experience. The beauty is that most of the malls here are located less than 500 meters from the development.

  • De La Rosa Square – This is located on De La Rosa Street in Makati. It is a commercial building housing prominent tenants such as BPI, Mercury Drug, and Lynelle Hair Fashion.
  • Infinity Windhorse Alliance
  • Santis
  • Ginhawa Spa
  • Infinity Wellness Center and Spa


Makati is not short of education facilities. Within a radius of 600 meters from Oriental Garden, you can have access to top of the range schools to cater for both high-end and middle-income families. Some of the schools include:


  • Centro Escolar University
  • The Bridge
  • Makati Medical Center College
  • St. Claires College of Nursing


Being closer to the city, Oriental Garden has the benefit of having access to some of the well-equipped and professionally run medical centers and facilities some of which are:

  • Aventus – This is located just 300 meters away
  • Comprehensive Pulmonary Clinic – Located about 700 meters from the development site.
  • Transglobal Medical Clinic
  • Supercare Medical Services Inc.
  • Makati Medical Center

As you can clearly see in terms of the richness of the surroundings, Oriental Garden has so much to boast about.

Restaurant :

  • Ladera Culinary Services - 0.09 km
  • Delimondo - 0.10 km
  • Goto King - 0.13 km
  • Shelbys - 0.18 km
  • After Shift - 0.19 km

Malls :

  • Dela Rosa Square - 0.08 km
  • Santis - 0.36 km
  • Ginhawa Spa - 0.37 km
  • Infinity Wellness Centre and Spa - 0.47 km
  • Infinity Windhorse Alliance - 0.47 km

Schools :

  • The Bridge - 0.16 km
  • Centro Escolar University - 0.21 km
  • Gen. Pio del Pilar Elementary School 1 - 0.35 km
  • Makati Medical Center College - 0.62 km
  • St. Claires College Of Nursing - 0.64 km

Hospitals :

  • Aventus - 0.31 km
  • Makati Medical Center - 0.33 km
  • Comprehensive Pulmonary Clinic - 0.69 km
  • Supercare Medical Services Incorporated Makati Branch - 0.77 km
  • Transglobal Medical Clinic - 0.78 km
Oriental Garden Location

Oriental Garden - Photo Gallery

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Living Dining Area

Living Dining Area

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Function Room

Function Room



Landscapes Garden

Landscapes Garden

Childrens Outdoor Playground

Childrens Outdoor Playground

Waving Pool

Waving Pool

Oriental Garden - Features & Amenities

Oriental Garden has a host of amenities and facilities right within the community which include waterpark features, clubhouse features, and other amenities.

Waterpark Features

You don’t have to be aquatic to enjoy the beauty of the water features in this place. There are several facilities targeted at all members of the society from children to the seniors.

Kiddie Pool – You can enjoy quality time with your children as they learn how to swim. These pools are customized with shallow bottoms for the safety of the kids.

Adult Swimming Pools – You can have cool refreshing drinks while part of you is submerged in water. The pools here are wider enough to accommodate the entire community without push and shove.

Wading Pool – Your children can play their favorite games in this vast water facility. It is an opportune time to bond with others and create meaningful friendships.

Jacuzzi – If you want a hydrotherapy complete with warm water that relaxes you and sucks away fatigue and pain, a jacuzzi is just what you need. The buoyance, warmth, and massage will help you eliminate any traces of stress and improve your sleeping habits.

Clubhouse Features

There is a well-developed clubhouse with facilities such as:

Gym – Are you tired of shelling out exorbitant membership fees just to belong to a gym? Well, Oriental Garden has you covered. The gym facility is well-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for a healthy daily grind.

Function Room – This is spacious enough to cater for huge family gatherings or even community meetings. You don’t have to wonder where you will hold your next meeting.

Gamer Room – This is a special space where you chill out with your friends as you play pool and board games. You don’t have to always meet in the bar, you can make new friends right here.

Other Amenities

Apart from the above facilities, there are other amenities you are poised to enjoy once you become a member of this vibrant condominium community.

Daycare Center – This is specifically designed in an environment where your kids have fun and learn simultaneously. You don’t have to drag your kids everywhere you go, you can leave them here as you enjoy your “me time”.

Children Play Area – This is an outdoor facility Federal Land designed to accommodate the active lifestyle of children. There are lots of recreational sites within this area where your kids can make friends and explore their creativity.

Landscaped Gardens – You can take an afternoon stroll with your kids as you explore this lush-green gardens that are impeccably manicured. The peace and serenity here is second to none.

Asian-Inspired Gazebos – What better places to relax or have a bite with your family and friends than in these creatively-designed structures. It is simply an extension of luxury and class.  

The Koi Pond – There is a unique feel of life from another angle as you interact with Koi fish in these little ponds. Apart from adding value to your property, Koi ponds are attractive features that stretch the creativity of your kids and bring relaxation to the entire family.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Chideren's Wading Pool
  • Daucare Center
  • Gym
  • Function Room
  • Asian Inspired Gazebos
  • Landscapesd Garden
  • Jacuzzi
  • Koi Pond
  • Outdoor Children's Play Area

Oriental Garden - Payment Option

Why You Should Choose Us

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If you are seriously considering real estate investment, you should be seriously considering us.

Why You Should Invest In  Oriental Garden

Lease option for passive income

Owning a piece of the Oriental Garden Makati is quiet easy as there are various payment schemes offered by the company. One other thing is, your purchased unit (or if you are under monthly amortizations) could be used for your advantage. And how is that, you may ask? Well, with the assistance of the management, you could rent out your unit to another party and earn income for the monthly rent.

Once your down payment is paid or the management told you that you can move-in, its the right time to seek tenants (or the management will do it for you) when you decide for this option. Management collects minimum fee for this endeavor, which will remit to you the monthly rent minus the charge.

3 Towers RFO

Most of the units on each tower at the Oriental Garden Makati is RFO (ready for occupancy). You basically have to bring your things and move-in. There is little to customize your preferred unit which usually comes with basic finishes that would guarantee a more than livable unit. Each building has 3 high-speed elevators where one is utilize solely for personal effects like furniture and fixtures, movable cabinets, and other similar stuffs. Another thing is, management is ready to assist any investor wanting their help as the company has its PMO (property management office) housed on the same building.

Better alternative for hotel accommodations

For the professionals that are always on-the-go, the Oriental Garden is probably your best choice when you are always seeking a serene place to stay while conducting business at Makati or anywhere else in the metro. Better than checking in at flush hotels with skyrocketing rates, the Oriental Garden is truly the best alternative. 

Having a place you could call your own, with the finest amenities and facilities that will enhance your overall performance because of a relaxed mind and fit body, you could recoup your investment in no time.

How To Buy

For many people, it's the biggest financial transaction they'll ever make. That's why doing it right the first time is so important. Sometimes, buying a real estate property can feel like a dizzying set of rules and regulations. Luckily, armed with the right knowledge and know-how, you can start realizing your homeowner dreams the fast, easy, way.

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Our team has a shared passion in real estate and a relentless attention to detail that is essential in the real estate business, which has set us above the fray in the real estate communities. This unparalleled passion, combined with our expertise, ensures that your interests are well-represented.

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